BaphoNet is by far the best thing to happen to me in 2020. Out of everything the world has thrown at me recently BaphoNet has stood alone as a beacon of hope and camaraderie.

– Archie H

“10/10 would recommend. The service here is wonderful and the wait staff is patient and funny”

– Your Friendly Neighborhood TRASH PANDA

“I have a very high opinion of BaphoNet as a whole. A portion of the community here has become something of an extended Satanic Family to me. As someone who is a more recent convert to Satanism, I felt very welcome and accepted. The community is diverse enough to allow for the sharing and challenging of viewpoints while staying generally close-knit and cordial.”
“I would recommend BaphoNet to other Satanists who are seeking a community. This is a shared space, and that comes with both rights and responsibilities. We are here for each other, and I feel a sense of commitment is a prerequisite to belonging to any community. If the 7 Tenets resonate with you, I encourage you to seek out a community to belong to. For me, BaphoNet was that community.”

– Alexi Miika Flowers

About us

BaphoNet is a social media platform for Satanists, created and operated by Satanists. We are continually under improvement and development, thanks to input from our users. BaphoNet is an invite only platform and continually monitored by human administrators.

BaphoNet was founded by a small group of Satanists with a common goal: Creating a safe, secure social media community, specifically for Satanists. Not all Satanists practice Satanism in the same way. BaphoNet specifically serves the missions, members and friends of The Satanic Temple and those that subscribe to TST’s “Seven Tenets”.

We do not speak for The Satanic Temple nor are we officially affiliated with TST. We serve the missions of TST and keep the religious doctrine of The Satanic Temple as closely held religious beliefs, as do the members we serve.

We won’t charge you to use BaphoNet. Our space does not rely on advertisement revenue nor data banking/selling. We are wholly not-for-profit and rely on personal funds, donations, and our new merchandise line.

For more information and history on BaphoNet, our co-Founder and spokesperson, Aria deSatanas, wrote an article about us. It can be accessed for free here: